DVDINFOPro™ is a DVD information program written in Visual Studio V2015 C++ for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and later.

On installation the program offers a 14-day trial. On purchase an activation key is emailed to you. Activation free versions are available by special request and fee.

This program provides information & tools for:

  • Blu-ray and HD-DVD
  • DVD-R/RW
  • DVD+R/RW burners
  • DVD-R DL (Double Layer) burners
  • DVD+R DL (Double Layer) burners
  • DVD-ROM players.

DVDInfoPro also provides information on CD players & burners.

Buy DVDInfoPro Here

Business Users please purchase a business license. Home User licenses are not licensed for use in a corporation or other business.
Please email for site licenses, upgrades or pre-purchase questions.

Purchase via PAYPAL. Activation keys are emailed within 12 hours of purchase, but usually much faster..
PAYPAL Payment Options

Special Offer: Get DVDInfoPro Extreme for FREE! Complete ONE offer from our partners at TrialPay.(Home Users Only)

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Download DVDInfoPro here

New features in DVDInfoPro™ V7.2x

  • Enhancments to Flash Ram Size Test & Verify
  • Added more Liteon drives PIPO scanning
  • Added Jitter PIPOto more Liteon iHASxxx model drives
  • Added Open Log button
  • Added Save Drive Features to a text file
  • Added BDR-XL & BDRE-XL compatibility
  • Added Drive Features and Profiles active display
  • Added Save Drive report for drive information screen
  • Added CPRM protection display to media info
  • Added Layer count for bluray media
  • Added Liteon 'iHAS' model drives for PIPO scanning
  • Added current drive name to media info window
  • Added new graph format '.MBG' files for MagicBurner burning program
  • Program converted to Visual Studio V2010 C++
  • Program and Installer now digitally signed for your security
  • Media Info now opened in its own window with larger display
  • blu-ray movie MovieObject.bdmv display added in media info
  • Over 75 new blu-ray known codes and speeds added
  • Opened Tools & Utilties features to the trial version
  • New read/write/edit hard disk sectors
  • New compute MD5/SHA hashes of files, folders or disk sectors
  • New buffer edit feature on the popular Send Custom Command feature
  • Enhanced System Information feature with accurate cpu speed calculation
  • Enhanced Compare feature with folder recursion
  • New limit PIPO scan area to custom LBA markers
  • New Tools & Utilities area
  • Simplfied the activation process
  • Reduced execuable code size by one third or more
  • Expanded & enhanced many other areas
  • And lots More...

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